Andy’s Temakizushi Feast

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 IMG_20160806_190315_optI’m looking forward to sharing my love of Japanese food with you all over the coming months and starting this Thursday. The Japanese food which most of us know is sushi. The japanese, just like us, would normally only eat sushi at a restaurant or as a takeaway but occasionally at home as a special treat we would eat Temakizushi. Temakizushi literally translates as hand rolled sushi, a selection of fillings are prepared and spread out on the table.  We take a small piece of nori seaweed and lay on top whatever takes our fancy then roll it up and eat. It it similar to how kiwi’s might eat mexican or a pancake breakfast with everyone being able to customise their wrap to their own likings.

IMG_20160806_191140_optThis meal was in celebration of surviving/enjoying the first 5 months of life with our daughter Amara. We just love salmon and tonight kept our temakizushi fillings simple with omelette and chokko. I’ve never seen a chokko in Japan but here we try and eat seasonally and chokko are a great substitute for the more traditional filling of cucumber. Where to buy chokko? We get ours from Natural Lea Organics at the farmers market. Top off this great combination of flavours and textures with homemade mayonnaise, homemade gari (pickled ginger) and homebrewed spiced pumpkin ale and we had an simple yet delicious celebratory feast!





You can catch my first Japanese Class this Thursday evening  1st September at Cafe Green Door where will be fermenting our own Miso Paste and then Making Miso Soup and Miso Glazed Eggplant. Check it out here.

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