Jo and David James from Juno Gin. Taranaki Food Heroes #1

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I was keen as mustard to get started on the Taranaki Food Heroes series.
Rustling up my good friend and photographer, Amanda Ritchie, we headed to Westown, New Plymouth to take a peek behind the scenes of this inovative, fledgling company. The main still had only been delivered that week and was in the process of being installed.
Needless to say there was much sniffing and tasting and ogling over hand-crafted copperware.

Photo Credits: Amanda Ritchie Photography

See if you can spot them in our Facebook Live, 5 under 5, Taranaki Food Heroes Interview #1 where I asked them the following five questions;

Q1: What is Taranaki Food?
Jo: Fresh, lush, green.
James: Flavoursome, natural, nothing artificial.

Q2: What would you love to see more of in Taranaki when it comes to food?
Jo and James: More celebration! An exceptional “Party Moment”.

Q3: What is the best meal out you’ve had in our region?
Jo and James: Wedding Anniversary dinner at the Nice Hotel, New Plymouth.

Q4. Can you give me a hand drawing of the Gin-making process?
Jo and James: Yes, ok. (Stand by for the drawing which I am SO looking forward to seeing and will update this post when I have it in my hot little hands).

Q5: Let’s play a game of Taranaki Food Heroes Tag. Who would you like to tag as the next Taranaki Food Hero that we’ll visit?
Jo: Those honey guys, the ones that fly in with helicopters to those back country properties…Barton Holdings.

So there you have it. Heads up Barton Holdings, we are coming for you next!

See the Juno Gin website here.

We hear the first release is expected around June this year.

Til next time….

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