Motivational Cooking. Shall We?

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I’m back!  I’ve been so quiet lately. It’s because I didn’t know who I was or where I was going or how on earth to keep Cook Learn Love running while simultaneously being true to myself. For a good few years I’d been feeling less and less like a chef and more an more called to step into the world of personal development, coaching and team building.

Some of you know that I took part in a life changing course at the beginning of 2017 and the net result was me finally getting the balls to put Cook Learn Love down for a bit (it was truly heart breaking to stop my kids classes) so that I could get some new qualifications under my belt, as well as a bit of clarity on my direction in life. I’m pleased to say that I am currently one of only a few people in the world being trained in a breakthrough method within the world of psychology known as MAP. More on that later…


Many encouraged me to just sell Cook Learn Love but I have a much larger vision around enabling those with food skills and family to have massive abundance and joy outside of the realm of hospitality.  I did not want to give up on that and funnily, now that my inner coach is being given some attention, so too is my inner chef feeling way more inspired!

So here I am thinking to myself..why not combine my two passions and make Cook Learn Love not just about food, but about people, about living your best life, about personal excellence, about embracing joi de vivre and enjoying our time on this beautiful planet? Which is what it always was about anyway but not so explicitly expressed.

It’s time to get explicit! More on that later….

It’s time for me to say here I am..this is me, for now. This confusing mishmash of ardent advocate for personal magnificence, adrift Australian (or am I a Kiwi now?), hopelessly inspired and driven entrepreneur, chef, mother and engineer’s wife. I have no idea at this point in time how or what shape Cook Learn Love will emerge come Spring.  What I know is that the intent is there, and that’s exciting. What I also know is that I can no longer do it alone, I’m certainly open to collaborations and partnerships (anyone know a bored but experienced general manager?) and if anyone wants to just meet up for a coffee and a chat..I’m up for it. Here’s my number even 0223117743!

Enjoy the sunshine, I’m off for a walk!







About Helen

Helen is known for her own style of refined yet approachable French Cuisine, and of course, ever smiling face behind the pass! Now living in New Plymouth, New Zealand, with her husband and young family, Helen is excited to be able to share her knowledge and passion with her students. She will no-doubt acquaint you with some of the hidden gems of produce found from Taranaki as she has a fervour for local produce and loves to discover the people and stories that bring paddock to plate.

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